How I am going to save £10,000

At the beginning of the year I decided as I was going on maternity leave I should save some extra money. Having looked on Pinterest there was a variety of bullet journal savings plans. Also there were some schedules for saving $5,000 over the year by putting away different amounts every week. Having looked at my income I decided I could probably save £10,000 in the year.

Therefore, I took one of the $5,000 savings plans and multiplied all of the numbers by two. Here is my savings plan.

my bullet journal savings plan page

I have copy of this in both my bullet journal and on the wall above my monitor so that I see it every day.

As you can see I have crossed off a lot of the bigger numbers and have the smaller numbers left as I am now not working and on a reduced income.

You could adapt this to save £1,000 by just removing the terminal 0 from each of the amounts.

Below are free printables to help you save £1,000, £5,000 or £10,000 in a year. Just cross off one amount per week when you place that amount into savings. Don’t worry if you miss a week, just cross of two amounts the following week.

Free Printables

Save £1,000

Put away between £4 and £40 a week.

Save £5,000

If you can afford a bit more. Put away between £20 and £200 a week.

Save £10,000

If you are feeling flush. Put away between £40 and £400 a week.

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