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World Cord Blood Day

World Cord Blood Day 2018 This Thursday Nov 15th 2018 is World Cord Blood Day 2018. As a doctor I know of the importance of stem cell research in the future of medicine and medical treatments. Many diseases including some… Continue Reading →

10 Reasons to vaccinate your children

There is a wealth of information out there on the internet about vaccines. Including whether you should or should not vaccinate your children. Laid out below are my top ten reasons for getting them jabbed. The first vaccine was developed… Continue Reading →

BCG vaccine and current UK standards

As mentioned in my post 10 reasons to get your children vaccinated, the BCG vaccine for tuberculosis has been removed from the standard UK vaccination schedule. You can probably remember getting your BCG injection at school. With all the boys… Continue Reading →

Migrating to a new Bullet Journal

I have just reached the end of my first bullet journal. I am therefore migrating to a new bullet journal. After deliberating over which pages to choose to migrate I thought I would share my final designs with you all…. Continue Reading →

The Importance of Questioning

Today I learn’t a valuable lesson in the importance of questioning. Sweeping up When my husband and I first started living together he would tell me off every time I did the sweeping. I would sweep the dirt into a… Continue Reading →

October 2018 Bullet Journal Setup

Here is my October 2018 setup in my bullet journal. I have just migrated to a new bullet journal. More about that in another post. Cover page A simple theme this month based around rainbow colours. I have tried to… Continue Reading →

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