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World Cord Blood Day

World Cord Blood Day 2018 This Thursday Nov 15th 2018 is World Cord Blood Day 2018. As a doctor I know of the importance of stem cell research in the future of medicine and medical treatments. Many diseases including some… Continue Reading →

How I got into medical school with CDD at A-level

My reasons for becoming a doctor I always knew I wanted to go to medical school to become a doctor. My brother died when I was 6 yrs old (he was aged just 13 hrs) and I think that was… Continue Reading →

Save £10,000 in one year

How I am going to save £10,000 At the beginning of the year I decided as I was going on maternity leave I should save some extra money. Having looked on Pinterest there was a variety of bullet journal savings… Continue Reading →

Getting a mortgage as a doctor

We all have the dream of owning a home. As a doctor you would think it would be easy to obtain a mortgage. Wrong. As a doctor I am employed in a six year training post within Wales. This will… Continue Reading →

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