Here is my August 2018 setup. I have gone for a butterfly theme this month. I hope you all like it.

August Cover Page

August 2018 cover page

Month at a glance

August 2018 month at a glance

Continuing with the butterfly theme. I tried to draw one side on without much success. My husband is away working at the start of the month. So we need to arrange some days out with the kids for when he is back. I also have some old school friends visiting for a few days. Might be a bit hectic.

August Habits

August 2018 habits tracker

This is my standard habit tracker. I might change the style next month. Same habit categories as last month. You might notice I forgot to write ‘no’ in front of the alcohol. Must be wishful thinking.

Step tracker

August 2018 step counter

I am going to fill this in as a bar graph this month and write to total step count within the bar. I am aiming for 3000 steps a day at the moment. Still recovering from pelvic pain post pregnancy.

Sleep tracker

August 2018 sleep tracker

This side on butterfly worked better. With a tiny one I am not getting much sleep so it is useful to know exactly how much.

Weekly Page

August 2018 week 1

This month I am going to try out a weekly page instead of dailies. Will have to see how it goes.

I hope you all like my butterflies. There are a few flying around outside at this time of year. So plenty of inspiration.

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