What would you do with just over £3,500? Are you looking for a challenge for the New Year?

If you are reading this you must be serious about improving your finances. Join in with this 52 week challenge at any time with very little effort.

The money amounts can be put into a jar or other container (or even into a separate bank account).

Starting the year with just £5 and ending with the same. The money saved goes up each week, with the largest amounts being at the height of summer when other bills e.g. heating are lower and you will have extra cash to hand.

Just follow along with my free printable ticking off the weeks as you go. Anyone can do it. Print it off and keep it in prominent place as a visual motivator. 

To keep you motivated here are some examples of what you can spend £3,500 on.

  • Christmas – this would more than cover expenses incured.
  • Have a short family holiday.
  • Save it as an Emergency Fund.
  • Get a car.
Man stacking gold coins up

What will you spend the money on? Let me know in the comments.

If you have a bit more cash to spare check out my other post on saving £10,000 in a year.


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