I have been using a bullet journal for about twelve months now. Some months have been more successful than others. I am trying to be more committed to using it. After being inspired by other bullet journal bloggers,  I will share my July 2018 setup. Please forgive me for it not being entirely polished and perfect.

Cover page

Not the most elegant of flowers. OK for a start. I don’t normally do a cover page but I will be do so from now on.

Month at a glance

This is my usual monthly set up. The two columns next to the dates on the left page relate to when my husband and I are at work. He gets the first column and blue. I get the second column and green. I am on maternity leave currently so nothing in the column for me this month.  Having this information next to each other means I can plan childcare better. I will be doing a blog in the future detailing my childcare arrangements.

Monthly habit tracker

Self explanatory really, similar to many other habit trackers on Pinterest. Not had an alcohol free night yet in July (must try harder to resist). My eldest boy is doing really well with his potty training and staying dry at night so far this month.

Step counter and other trackers

Trying out a new double page spread this month as I need to hydrate more and eat more fruit and veg.

Daily pages

I like not having a fixed amount of space to write in. The previous page only had two days on it as I had lots of things planned. I am trying out a minimalist theme with just a highlighted line below the date. I was staying away at my in-laws at the start of the month, Hence the “drive home” on the 4th.

Items used

Rhodiarama A5 dot pad

Staedler Triplus rollerball pens

Tombow ABT Dual pens

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