Start the New Year organised. Here is my Bullet Journal setup for January. I am still using the Leuchtturm 1917 I started in October.

Cover Page

I have gone for a pretty simplistic cover page this month. January was written diagonally across the page and underlined in purple and pink. I really love how you can get such a variance in width of lines from these Tombow pens.

Monthly Page

Continued with my usual monthly page. Not a lot happening in January yet.

Habit Tracker

I have changed the habit tracker up again this month. It took me ages to write out the dates within each box. I found it very useful to have such a narrow pen though. I have separated each habit into a box.

Weekly Page

I didn’t want to put the 31st Dec onto the same page as the new year so this week only has six days. Therefore I have utilised the Monday space for notes. I am trying to improve my blog so I have found that having a running total of my blog stats has kept me motivated.

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