I have been using a bullet journal for a while now. It is not exactly as specified by the original designer. But the idea is that you make it your own. Here is my September 2018 setup. I have gone for a theme based around leaves as it it the start of Autumn. As the month progresses I will be changing the colour of the leaves from green to red.

Month at a glance

September 2018 Month at a glance

Lots of birthdays in September.

Habit Tracker

September 2018 Habit Tracker

My eldest is in underpants day and night now but is still having quite a few accidents. I am trying to lose some weight so tracking my sugar and alcohol intake.

Step counter

Step Tracker

As part of my weight loss journey I am tracking my daily step count. I have an Apple watch so I can just transfer the count at the end of the day

Sleep and mood tracker

Sleep and Mood Tracker

I am finding with a tiny one and two toddlers I am grumpy more often. So this month I will track sleep next to mood to see if they are related.

Weekly page

Weekly Page 3rd-9th September

Minimalist weekly page with lots of space for writing tasks and a section for notes.

Materials used

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