I have just reached the end of my first bullet journal. I am therefore migrating to a new bullet journal. After deliberating over which pages to choose to migrate I thought I would share my final designs with you all.

I started bullet journalling in May 2017 and 17 months later I have filled my A5 Rhodiarama dot pad. A bit slow I realise. I started off with good intentions and then fell down a bit in the middle. Since June I have been journalling more frequently and consistently.

I decided on the Leuchtturm 1917 for my next bullet journal. I love the turquoise colour of this one. They have so many great colours and I have already decided I want the raspberry one for my third journal. It has 250 numbered pages, a pre-printed index page and 90gsm paper so minimal ghosting.


Very short and simple. I suspect there will be more things to add to this as I progress with using it.

Future Log

I have managed to fit 10 months over the two page spread. I then realised I had too many appointments/birthdays in October to fit them all in. Might have to make it eight months next time. I will be adding new appointments as they come along.

Year at a Glance

Migrating in October is not ideal, but I have tried to make the best of it. I have included both 2018 and 2019 calendars. I use the page to note down recurring things that happen on different days. For example, I use a green underline on dates where I have weighed myself, an orange circle when I put money into savings and a purple square when I write a new blog post.

Savings plan

Please see my other post that explains my ‘£10k in one year’ savings plan. On the opposite page I have written my 2019 savings plan.

Blog Post Ideas and Favourite Hashtags

Next I have a double page spread for blog post ideas and a space to list favourite/relevant hashtags.

Tombow Dual Brush Pen Swatch

I have fallen in love with these Tombow pens and can’t wait to buy more. They are so versatile with a felt tip end and a brush pen end. There is a large selection of colours. You can blend them and they work really well as highlighters over Pigma Micron ink without smudging. I am still learning how to do brush writing so no examples of that yet.

Daily Routine

Here is my standard daily routine. I find it is important to have a set routine so that I can make sure I stay on top of doing the housework. I am struggling to keep to the routine currently with the three little ones so it helps to have it written down, that way I can check it off.

My next page has a post it note on for a weekly shopping list. This can be peeled off when I go shopping and a new one attached. (An idea I found on Pinterest).

Cleaning calendar

The next few pages are devoted to my Fly Lady-like cleaning calendar. I then have a page dedicated to inspirational quotes.

Weight loss tracker

I am still trying to lose some weight post baby number three. As you can see I have not finished filling in the hexagons on this page yet. Plus the small mistake (None of us are perfect). I have left enough space under the table to repeat it when the top one gets full. Hopefully I can use this spread all year.

My last page before starting with October spreads is a period tracker.

Hope you like my new bullet journal and that I have given you some ideas to start yours.

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