Here is my October 2018 setup in my bullet journal. I have just migrated to a new bullet journal. More about that in another post.

Cover page

October Cover page

A simple theme this month based around rainbow colours. I have tried to stick to the rainbow throughout. I have already mixed the colours up on one day (not photographed), but nevermind.

Month at a glance

October Month at a Glance

This is my usual month at a glance page with my husband’s time away from home marked. I have started highlighting the weekends. My son has just recently started school and I find that having the weekends more visible helps to be able to organise days out.

Habit tracker

October Habit Tracker

My habit tracker usually is one big table. I have decided to mix it up this month by giving each habit an individual box. I migrated journals on the 6th so started this habit tracker on the 7th.


Week at a Glance

I don’t normally do daily pages and tend to use a double page spread per week. This month I am trialing daily pages so have just got a small weekly page with a few tasks. My parents are away so I have the extra task of tending to the poly tunnel. This includes watering the plants and checking the cabbages and broccoli for caterpillars and removing them.


October 8th Daily Page

My daily page is very minimal. I am trying to loose weight so I am recording all I have eaten and I am also trying to drink more. I don’t yet know if I will stick with the daily page or go back to the double page weekly spread.

Items used

Leuchtturm 1917 A5 Dot pad

Pigma Micron pens

Tombow ABT Dual brush pens

Rotring Tikky Propelling Pencil

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